Good leadership is a key component of any successful organisation.

Leaders play an integral role in providing direction and communication, fostering motivation and employee engagement and in supporting and guiding workers through their day-to-day working life. They are the connection between an employee and the organisation they work for. An employee’s relationship with their leader goes a long way in defining the employee’s experience within an organisation.

Some people are natural leaders, however, most need to continually develop to genuinely succeed in demonstrating leadership capabilities. Sometimes the information we review as adults make being a great leader seem challenging when actually, it is simple enough for even our children to learn.

Preparing children for success by promoting leadership capabilities that great leaders possess can help them reach for the stars, wherever their journey takes them.

Leadership capabilities are the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors that an individual needs to make them a successful leader.

Readers, and the children they read to, are invited to join Jackson’s journey as he learns key leadership capabilities and shares these with you through a series of colourful and heartfelt stories. 

You may find the key messages simple to put into action through your journey.

Our little inspiration, Jackson, hopes you join his journey!

Jackson from Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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